Does The Singularity Exist?

Singularity is a point in spacetime where incredible amount of matter is compressed into a tiny space of zero size and infinite density. But, the question is, ” Does it exist?”

Singularity is not a physical object, it is a mathematical entity. It arises when the denominator is zero. We all know we cannot divide by zero, so that’s a problem and mathematicians call that value singularity. If a singularity popes up in an equation, it means that the equation has been to make predictions in areas where it doesn’t cover like using Newton’s Gravitational Equation to describe a black hole.

General Relativity fails at the quantum scale and needs to be replaced by Quantum Theory of Gravity which we don’t have. What people usually mean by singularity is the mathematical singularity. This arises when physicists try to use General Relativity to explain the core of black hole and tiny, minimal compacted universe before the Big Bang. But, as said before, General Relativity fails to explain gravity in these cases as it fails at the quantum scale. And when they use General Relativity to explain gravity in these cases, singularity arises. This means that the equation is used for purposes it can’t handle like using the old 1990 IBM Computer to play GTA 5. It will display an error message or malfunction. This does not that mean that there is an error in the game, it simply means that you are using something the computer for something it can’t handle. And it is the same thing with General Relativity. The singularity is an error message that tells us that you are using General Relativity to describe something which is beyond its capabilities. So, to play GTA 5, you need a good computer having at least 8 GB RAM, etc. And it is the same with the singularity, you need Quantum Theory of Gravity to really understand what’s going on at the core of black hole or the super minimal, tiny, compacted universe before the Big Bang.

Lastly, the answer to the Big question, ” Does the singularity exist?”. No, the singularity does not exist. It is an error message which pops out in an equation that tells us the equation is outdated and needs to be replaced by new and improved one.


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3 thoughts on “Does The Singularity Exist?

  1. The Ordinary Gravity (GRT) is result of Quantum Gravity . . . . quantum gravity is unity of quantum energy + quantum matter / masses . . . quantum energy is: E=hf . . . quantum masses are: klogW . . . the General Quantum Gravity formula is: E=hf + kTlogW . . . . quantum energy (E=hf) 10^39 times stronger than quantum matter (kTlogW) and therefore the effect of quantum gravity is possible.


  2. Ian Miller asked:
    “If you are going to use the quantum of action, because of the weakness the gravitational field, the quantum levels obtainable with the Schrödinger equation will lead to discernible effects at a size that should be visible. Seen any?”
    / Ian Miller,
    PhD., FRSC, chemist, theoretician, author /
    Good question . . . Don’t know answer . . .


  3. Singularity
    One opinion
    “The subject you discussed is whether “a” singularity can exist. The answer is no. A singularity is a mathematical phenomenon that indicates that the physics has broken down and that we need better theory. There’s no actual singularity inside a black hole, a zero-dimensional point of infinite mass or whatever. That’s a mathematical anomaly that doesn’t exist in reality.”
    / wtf /


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